Quick run program

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SlickRun- for fast program starts. The program is free, small and uses little resources.

SlickRun has the following fast starts:

You can make it auto-hide after the selected program starts until you hit the hotkey to use it again. Or if you leave it, it will display the date and time. It has many other features such as a built in note pad that automatically saves (Windows Key+J). This is great for saving urls or making notes as you run across resources.

Typing 'setup' in the box brings up the setup box where you can set its numerous options or add programs. It has several methods for adding programs and only takes seconds to add a new one.

I position the little box up on the right side of the title bar just to the left of the close icons and lock it. If you make the box the same size as the blue title bar, you hardly know it is there. Best of all it has several methods for setting up your programs so they start with SlickRun, and they are all easy to do. Take a look at their website. Mouse or Keyboard users, this is a convenient way to start programs.

The main disadvantage is you have to set up each program with an individual code word before you can quick start it, and you have to remember those words for quick action.



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