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NSCAVE Reviews of products and software we like. Some of our special ways of doing things. Tips and advice that works for us.

Can't Download From Microsoft - Everything seems to work normal, and you can download from anywhere except Microsoft sites. This answer may help you.

Power Box Charging Station - How do you keep track of all those charging adapters during your travels? Here's a solution that will only cost a few bucks. Very handy and you won't leave anything behind.

Common Computer Questions - This page lists many common questions that new users often ask. Our page gives a brief outline and directs you to other folks pages who have taken the time and effort to provide an easy to understand explanation. When you don't know what to look for, this will get you started.

PDF Manuals - Think PDF manuals are a pain? Times have changed. Here is why PDF manuals are better if you learn to take advantage of their advantages.

Registry Warning - If you plan to change the registry, or use one of the many registry cleaning programs see our registry warning before you do it, not after.

Zip File Caution

Watch Your Zip Files: I know some of you visit less than ideal sites and download various files for various purposes. Be very cautious and look carefully at any zipped files before you unzip them. If a file is included called 'start.exe' delete it before you unzip it, or get rid of the file altogether. You can delete it from the Zip program before you actually unzip it. This file is a key logger type program and will bring you all kinds of advertisements and may have the capability to do worse

TeamViewer - Our favourite program for accessing my base computers from away, plus helping friends with some of their computer problems. Remote access, file transfers and most things you need to do can be handled with TeamViewer. Free for personal use, pay for business use or if you expect to make money from using it.

< Full version contains the full program and is installed on your computer to allow you to connect to others to do a full range of activities. It can also allow others to connect to you.

< QuickSupport version just has to be downloaded and run, no installation. It allows someone with the full version to connect to you remotely for various purposes including troubleshooting and file transfer.


Password Management


KeePass is an open source password management program. I have used it for years now and find it excellent. It is easy to put on a usb jump drive should you so desire and allows you to take your passwords securely with you. It is very easy to setup and use.

If desired you can also put it on multiple computers (and the thumbdrive if you wish), and it is very easy to sync the data base using your favourite sync method or program. You can also easily copy the KeePass data base to other computers or as a backup.

An even better way to sync files for keypass, or any other folder for that matter is to use freeCommander's built in command. It is so easy with two windows side by side. And that program has so much more built in that you should be using it anyway for stuff you usually use explorer for.


Information is not official, and is only an opinion gathered from personal experience.
If I make negative comments about any software or hardware products, it does not mean that the item or its company is bad in any way. It just means that my personal experience with it was not favourable. On the other hand if I make positive comments in a similar fashion, it only means my personal experience was satisfactory.


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