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NSCAVE Reviews - This is equipment or products we have used here at NSCAVE and been happy with. Remember, revisions take place and products or software do not always remain the same.

Note: NSCAVE no longer does reviews of products at this time. (2019)

No elaborate scientific setups here. No special laboratory equipment. Just honest in use every day setups that my friends or I use, or have used in our every day computing activities.

Rose Rating

(June, 2008) We have added a review symbol for things that we review. It will be a rose bouquet. Rating as follows:

rose rated


One rose - barely acceptable. Two, three or four roses, in between one and five naturally. :)


rose ratedrose ratedrose ratedrose ratedrose rated


Five roses - excellent, top of the line.


X - No roses, oh oh, not good!

(Items reviewed prior to June 2008 may or may not be updated with the rose rating.)

Logitech Z305 Speakers - Great 3D surround sound for a laptop computer. Travel easy too.

Teleprompter Software - Need a quick, free and easy program for scrolling prompts while makeing your video?

D-Link PowerLine Network - fast, easy setup LAN network for your home using normal in house powerlines.

Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3500 - basic mouse great for portable use, works on any surface.

Samsung CLP-315 Laser Printer - Compact quiet high quality laser printer. A little hard on toner when doing colour, but the quaity may be worth it.

Western Digital Passport Drive - Small, reasonably fast, easily transportable, but reliability was an issue on two units.

Logitech V220 Wireless Mouse - 5 Rose rating. Excellent for traveling and any portable use.

TomTom 340s XL GPS - Long term update - March 2011.

FastStone Viewer - a picture program with a 5 Rose rating. It is a program you should have handy for all your regular photo needs. (Updated March 2011)

Metapad - Best notepad replacement program.

freeCommander - the best file management program. (September 2008)

AZZ Cardfile - The best replacement for the old Windows 3.1 program Cardfile.exe

CCleaner - An excellent program for removing unused junk files from your computer.

FARR ( Find And Run Robot) - The fastest program launcher so far, for us keyboard types. It does many more things just as fast, such as search, define words, search images, etc. almost instantly. Uses little resources.

Launchy - open source menu replacement for starting programs, folders, searches from the keyboard.

SlickRun - quick start program. For keyboard types. You do have to set up some alias code words for this one.

RocketDock - Mouse activated MAC style program launcher for windows.

Jarte - This has turned out to be an all around great program. I found out about it through one of my newsletters, but apparently it has been around for a long time. And it's FREE!

K-Lite Codec Pack - Quote; "K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of codecs and related tools. Codecs are required to encode and/or decode (play) audio and video. The K-Lite Codec Pack is designed as a user-friendly solution for playing all your movie files. With the K-Lite Codec Pack you should be able to play 99% of all the movies you download from the internet."

After using the above for a time I have found the above to be absolutely correct. It also comes with Classic viewer which is excellent.

Compact Fluorescent Replacements (Updated July 2010)

We are encouraged to replace the bulbs in our homes with the new compact fluorescent models. It's a great idea, but there are some safety issues you should be aware of. They can overheat if not in proper ventilated sockets.

If you upgrade to fluorescent floodlights, make sure they will fit the type of floodlight socket you have, or you may find yourself also upgrading the fixture.


So you have a one year warranty on that new TV or like product, and you bought the extended warranty, so your feel pretty protected right? Or is it just a worthless piece of blank paper?

I have experienced and am hearing major brand names are no better than lesser known ones when it comes to failures. You have to fight through a long process to get satisfaction in a lot of cases.

Logitech Harmony 680

Logitech Harmony 680 Remote - Update can't connect with version 7 software. Common problem. (July 2011)


Logitech Harmony 520 Remote- good, but may require a little button tweaking during setup.

Logitech Trackman - good option to have with a mouse. You can run both at the same time.

USB Flylight - An accessory that you can do without, but is handy if you have one.

Onkyo TX-SR502 - this is an excellent Home Theatre receiver that controls audio and video.

USB Drive - Multiple uses, and you can run programs off them.

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