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This website includes a variety of information, with a sample of topics listed below, and more in the menu down the left hand side.

There is so much more that can't be listed on one introductory page. Have a look through the various sections.

Our goal is to provide good reliable information or links to it, to make computing, electronics, gadgets and other things an enjoyable part of your life, in simple terms, easy for new users and as well as experienced to understand.

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On Hold.






Topics vary: Tips, rants, humour, & lots more.






Nova Scotia to Florida to Texas, travel topics & videos.






Our travel videos, dashcam experiences, and other things.





High Speed Internet - Port George

Rose's Memorial Page - Computers

Reviews - Nova Scotia Pictures

Driver Instructor Training

Audio - Video

La Casa Del SolLa Casa Del Sol (Our winter Paradise)



nscave travels

NSCAVE's Travel adventures.

Videos and slide shows of our travels throughout Nova Scotia, Ontario, and our southern US trips..

Information added re: Programming Factory Installed GPS and other travel tips.


Compare the temperature between Nova Scotia and Davenport, (La Casa Del Sol), Florida.


Sample Topics - ( Check your section of interest from time to time.)

Logitech Z305 Speakers - Great 3D surround sound for a laptop computer. Travel easy too.

D-Link PowerLine Network - fast, easy setup LAN network for your home using normal in house powerline

Power Box Charging Station - How do you keep track of all those charging adapters during your travels? Here's a solution that will only cost a few bucks. Very handy.

Common Computer Questions - a section consisting of questions users ask.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps - its okay if there is an electrical burning smell and some smoke according to those in the know. (July 2010)

And there is concern about disposing of CFLs because of Mercury content. (January 2013)

Walkie Talkies for Travel - the Cobra Micro does a wonderful job. Here's some tips for keeping in touch while traveling in two vehicles.

NSCAVE YouTube Videos - We add videos and slide shows at various times. Some are instructional, some are about travel.

Rose's Memorial Page - Check each section for new additions. (March 2010)


Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3500 - A very good basic mouse for portable use with your laptop or netbook.(Feb.2011)

Samsung CLP-315 Laser Printer - Compact quiet high quality laser printer. A little hard on toner when doing colour, but the quality may be worth it.

Logitech V220 Wireless Mouse - 5 rose rating, excellent portable mouse for traveling. (May 2010)

FastStone Viewer - a picture program with a 5 Rose rating. It is a program you should have handy for all your regular photo needs. (September 2009 and still holds true in 2016)

Logitech Harmony 680 Remote - Update can't connect with version 7 software. Common problem. (July 2011)

Metapad - Best notepad replacement program, one you will use many times a day.

AZZ Cardfile Version 4 - has arrived with many more features. Definitely worth upgrading, or having a look if you have not tried AZZ Cardfile before.

PDF Manuals - Think PDF manuals are a pain? Times have changed. Here is why PDF manuals are better if you learn to take advantage of their advantages. (Aug.2017)

Toshiba Laptop makes French Characters - Does your notebook computer suddenly print French characters in Skype or MSN Messenger? This could be the fix.

freeCommander - still the best file management program.

Keyboard Shortcuts - updated whenever we find additional new ones.

Registry Warning - If you plan to change the registry, or use one of the many registry cleaning programs see our registry warning before you do it, not after

CCleaner - Still the best program for removing unused junk files from your computer and other maintenance utilities.

Mini Tripod - Excellent accessory for video or still camera pictures.

Laptop - Notebook Touchpad Settings - customize your touchpad settings to make it faster and more useful.

Screenshot - the easy way. Without using extra programs, this is already under your fingertips. PrintScreen or Alt + Print Screen easily makes your screenshot. Here's how. (Aug.2008)


FARR - Find And Run Robot - This is a fast program launcher for keyboard users. And it does many other things lightening fast too. Still useful even though Win Key also launches programs today.


Driver Instructor Training

Straying away from computers a bit, we have added this section to our site. I spent many of my working years as an operator instructor for buses and other large vehicles. These are some tips that may help other driver instructors. (Good information for the operators too.)

Time Anywhere

Want to know what time it is anywhere in the world? Go to our Links page and use the World Time box in the top right column. Very handy and fast.

Get the time for any province in Canada by clicking the link See Time In All Provinces of Canada in the left menu.


Our Entertainment section includes pictures, videos and slide shows of interesting things about Nova Scotia and our travels in Florida and other places.

Middleton Antique Car Show - added July 26, 2009.

Halifax Tall Ships 2009 - Slides and videos together of the Tall Ships at Halifax, Nova Scotia, July 20, 2009 at the Parade of Sail prior to departing.

Halifax Harbour 2009 - A look at Halifax Harbour from the water as we cruise from Bedford Basin to George's Island, taking a look at both the Halifax and Dartmouth sides

Home Theatre Upgrade Tips, some simple ideas to make your home installations easier and professional looking for very little cost. (July 2009)

Port George

Some history of the place near where I grew up. It is located on the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. Some pictures of the past and present. Under Entertainment in the menu.

Historic Pictures of Nova Scotia

From the 1800 to 1900s: From part of a family collection. Halifax - Middleton - Harbourville - Cape Breton - Truro - Antigonish - New Glasgow, and other places.

See Halifax without the bridges, see Bedford when it was a dirt road, see train stations from the past, and more..



Information is not official, and is only an opinion gathered from personal experience.
If I make negative comments about any software or hardware products, it does not mean that the item or its company is bad in any way. It just means that my personal experience with it was not favourable. On the other hand if I make positive comments in a similar fashion, it only means my personal experience was satisfactory.




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