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Being a keyboard person it is not often that I get side tracked to a program that is for mouse action only. RocketDock is getting mostly pleasing reviews by numerous users.

It is a Mac idea rewritten for Windows users. RocketDock is a toobar that you can drag to either side of your monitor or to the top or bottom. The icons bulge out as you mouse over them and once clicked the program starts very quickly.

You can add the icons you want by several ways, but the easiest is to drag a short cut to RocketDock and drop it, or if you haven't got a shortcut, drag the exe file to it and drop it. You can put as many on the bar as your screen width will hold. If you go beyond the screen width they disappear with no way to scroll to them. That would be a lot of icons though.

There are many options for personalizing it to your liking, including having all programs minimize to it so you can do away with the Windows Taskbar completely if you like. It is easy on resources, and the price is right - free.


Starts programs quickly.

Once you remember the icons, it is fairly quick to locate the program you want. (And it's name appears below the icon as you mouseover it.)

It is particularly useful for situations where it is difficult to type. For example using a laptop in bed, where it might be hard to type while half lying down, or semi-darkness makes finding the keys difficult.


I found it was in the way no matter where I positioned it.. If I used autohide, it was constantly popping up when I didn't want it.

It was somewhat annoying if I used it to completely replace the task bar.

Remember, these comments are from a keyboard person. Someone who relies on the mouse for the majority of their actions may think differently. I use a keyboard program to launch my programs most of the time. But I have RocketDock on one laptop that I sometimes use when I am about ready for sleep time, but just want to surf around a little bit with no particular reason in mind. It works great with the touch pad in that circumstance.

RocketDock also works well with a netbook. Since they are most often used on the go and have a small keyboard

(Oct 2010)

No elaborate scientific setups here. No special laboratory equipment. Just honest in use every day setups that my friends or I use, or have used in our every day computing activities.


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