Onkyo TX-SR502 AV Receiver



Onkyo TX-SR502



You can get details on the specifications from the manufacturers site along with some user comments. Sufficient to say this is an excellent Home Theatre receiver that controls audio and video. It is a full compliment of inputs, component, optical and digital coax along with the standard analogue inputs.

It is a 6.1 receiver, meaning it has speaker connections for the two front, centre, left & right rear, rear center and sub woofer output. I ran it for awhile without the rear centre speaker and it provided excellent sound. However after hooking up the rear centre speaker, many more setup configurations become available, and it really is noticable big time on Dolby 5.1 and DTS movie tracks. More than enough to make it worthwhile for the expense of the additional rear speaker.

I use it mainly for watching movies on cable and on dvd. It handles these tasks easily. Other music and inputs are on the high end of satisfaction.

The included remote is a different touch compared to most. It is not a universal remote. However, it can be programmed to run the basic features of most other equipement you have easily. The manual explains for example that it will run all the normal DVD features of most any machine for playback. This it does well except I could not get it to open the door on my Panasonic DVD player. It runs everything else.

It will run the Motorola digital cable box as far as changing channels and volume is concerned. It will not bring up the various menus.

Similarily for the TV above it runs all the basic features, but will not run the fine setup features for colour, and other personal settings.

This means you need to keep your other original remotes around just in case. But for normal viewing and listening the Onkyo remote will run all the main features you need.




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