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First a lot of us were convinced to change our household lights to compact florescent bulbs. They had some faults, some of which are listed on our main site. Now most of us have been convinced to change our household lighting to LED bulbs or fixtures. 

There's no question, LED products do save us money in the long run through decreased electrical costs. But the A19 style bulbs do have a few, possibly harmful side effects. (A19 bulbs are the replacements for what we call ordinary light bulbs, that screw in to an ordinary socket.) Not everyone will agree, and the effect I describe may not be noticeable to everyone.


They Flicker

With the A19 style bulbs I can see them flickering almost constantly. Especially if I am standing so the light produced shows in my  peripheral vision. There is a constant flickering, like a visual vibration of light from these bulbs. 


Note: I personally have only noticed the flickering with this type bulb mentioned. So far I have not noticed any flickering from full LED replacement fixtures providing there is no dimmer in the circuit.


That enticed me to do some research. Apparently a number of people also experience flickering. Sources indicate it’s possible to cause permanent eye damage, and other unwanted effects. I suspect I have received some eye damage from using these bulbs. An upcoming eye test will provide additional information.


It is suggested dimmers can cause excess flickering. However there were no dimmers in the rooms where I observed the flickering effect. 


Here is a link that indicates the faults of both CFL's and the newer LED's. Electrosensitivity.



And a typical Google search will supply almost unlimited information on our topic of LED lighting.


I find it interesting that this sort of information is never supplied when we are encouraged to save the environment by using less electricity. Almost our entire house was changed over to LED lighting. Now things are going the other way - our computer room is back to old fashioned filament type bulbs. I hope it wasn't too late.


No elaborate scientific setups here. No special laboratory equipment. Just honest in use every day setups that my friends or I use, or have used in our every day computing activities.


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