Mini Tripod Review


Mini Tripod Review

Here's an item that can apply to a video camera or a still camera. Relatively cheap and available at department and photo stores, its the mini tripod.

The first one looks like a tiny tripod and has many uses such as:

* Sturdy adjustable mini tripod for taking super clear pictures.


MiniTripod with Camera


* Excellent for taking pictures of small objects or closeups.

* If you find it inconvenient or unstable to press the shutter button, use the self timer.


MiniTripod Handle


* Collapse the legs and use the mini tripod as a steady handle.


MiniTripod Folded


* Folds up very compact to pocket size.


Clamp Tripod

Clamp Style Mini Tripod Review


This is a multi-use mini tripod. It will do all of the things listed above, plus:




* You can clamp your camera to a fence or other convenient object.

* The camera attachment point is mounted on a ball joint so is usable at any angle.




* A removable screw on the bottom allows the camera clamp to be attached to nearly any wood object.


Both are a compact pocket size making them easy to carry anywhere. You may think you can hold your camera steady, and some have stabilization control built in. Just try one of these and you will see how much clearer you photos or videos can be.

There are times when a full size tripod is a must. There are many times when the mini tripod suits the occasion because of its compactness.

These are two of my favourite mini tripods because they are cheap, durable and hold the camera firmly. Read about a larger variety of mini tripods at this site.




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