Swissair Flight 111 September 2, 1998


Swissair Flight 111 September 2, 1998

One of the worst disasters for our area took place on this date.

The aircraft went down approximately 8 km from shore near Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia with 229 people on board.

This summer (2006) we visited the memorial site for those who lost their lives and those who assisted in one of the most difficult recovery jobs imaginable.

Eight years later the event is still at the fore front of peoples minds, and likely always will be. We arrived early in the morning and there were only four vehicles there. By the time we left about twenty minutes later, there were twenty or thirty and more lined up for a parking space.

It is sort of a barren place at the edge of the sea, but has a magnetic quality that holds you there looking toward the horizon.

You can have a quick look at our snapshots here.

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