Program Your Factory Installed GPS By Using Phone Numbers

Program Your Built In GPS By Using Phone Numbers


If you check the menu on your factory installed GPS you may find it has a listing for phone number input. Have you tried it?

Quite often it is easy to find the phone number for a motel, shopping center, or other business that you want to visit, if you don't already know it. You can even get the number from your POI list on your GPS in most cases.

Enter phone#

Once you find the phone number, go to your GPS and find the item to input phone number on its menu. 

If the phone number is in the POI data base of your unit, it will instantly give you directions to that place of business from where you are sitting.


You can of course put in a start/departure point and then the phone number to make and save a trip for later.

If you put in your own or another personal phone number, it won't find anything, because you are generally not a point of interest. Sorry about that!

This can be much quicker than looking up addresses or searching maps when you have the phone number readily available.
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