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Getting Movies From Your Laptop to TV (Home theatre system)

Note: This article was written some years ago and there have been a lot of changes with new technology making this procedure very simple. Most newer computers have HDMI outputs that easily connect to modern TVs. There are also many streaming devices available such as Chromecast and others which allow you to stream almost anything on your computer to the TV wirelessly. These methods are very cost effective and easy to set up.

Some of you download movies as well as make your own. It is quite a process to go through editing, rendering and rerecording to DVD as these movies are usually in mpg, avi or other 'computer' format. Why not use your Laptop computer and feed them to your home theatre system.

The difficulty I had was that every brand of Laptop is different. And it seems you get the video card going in dual mode one time, and the next it won't work without a lot of hassle. In frustration you give up.

Well here is what I do, and it seems to work every time with good results for video and sound.

Items Needed:

1) S-video cord (or RCA) depending on your computer, to run from the computer to your TV or Video Receiver's Video In.

2) Adapter or adapter cord to carry the sound from the computer to the TV or Video Receiver. This is usually a small stereo mini jack to L & R RCA male out audio cable. There are several ways to do this, and RadioShack has a variety of adapters/cords as would other audio retailers. These connect to the corresponding L & R Audio In jacks matching the Video in jack in #1.

The Procedure:

* Once everything is hooked up properly, make sure the TV or the Video Receiver is on, and the Video input selected that you have connected to.

* Turn on the computer and go to the Video Properties for you Laptops video card. This will vary slightly depending on your model.

* Make sure both displays are active.

* Make sure the "Extend my desktop to this monitor" is checked.

* Start your favourite DVD player program. Mine is Power DVD, but many of the others will work just fine. Start the movie now if you wish.

* Now drag you DVD movie to the TV monitor screen by Left Clicking & Holding on the title bar. It will drag from one to the other off the edge of the screen.

* Once it is on the TV screen, use your mouse to centre it, and then Right Click and select full screen (or use the keyboard shortcut key).

* Now the movie should be playing on your TV with sound. If you have no sound, check that the Laptop computer volume is up to mid range.

That should be it, you should now have close to a DVD quality picture on your TV with sound that you can adjutst with your normal Amps controls. Sound quality will vary depending on the quality of the movie recorded on your hard drive or CD/DVD.

Some tweaking may be required for optimum results, but after a time or two it becomes second nature.

To Stop the Movie:

* Right click on the TV picture and unselect full screen, minimize the DVD player window, and drag it across back to the computer screen.

This works for me, and is a lot faster than going through other routines for external monitor, or trying to get the movie to play on monitor #2, etc.


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