"Rocky"   Our Little Rescue

This is Rocky - the Best Friend We Could Ever Have!

Rocky Look 

It started out one day when my wife Lois said: "Such a nice day! We should go for a drive." "Okay," I replied. "Do you thing we could go see that little dog?" she asked. She had been showing me pictures on Facebook of a little dog that needed a home from the Pictou, NS SPCA, for a week or more.

"Sure," I said and off we went on a 160 km trip. 
Some background information: We are seniors. I love animals, and had dogs in the past, every one whom was the best ever. But at this stage of our life I was somewhat resistant thinking we don't need a dog to look after anymore at our age.

Arriving at the SPCA we inquired about "Rocky". Oh great the young lady said, we are looking for an older couple for an older dog. He is 14 years old. She proceeded to give us a brief history of Rocky saying he had a hard life and wasn't treated very well. That a son had taken him from a lady (his monther) and that he didn't get along with kids and tried to bite them. Thus he was brought to the SPCA.

Rocky was brought out to the front with us, and he immediately began hopping around Lois looking for pats and happy as could be. In an instant he had won Lois's heart. He is a small dog, a Yorkie/Shih Tzu mix.

ILets Go was sitting about six to eight feet away when all of a sudden Rocky headed straight for me, jumped from about four feet away straight into my lap, curled up like a little puppy, as much to say: "Lets go!" (Now you know that confirmed the deal right there.) And he stayed there until the lady said to take him for a short
 walk to see how that goes.

During the walk the little fella trotted along right beside us like he was always ours. Paperwork was filled out, they called our local vet for reference and of course Rocky was ours. She gave us his medical history and mentioned a lot of his larger teeth had to be removed, but overall he was in pretty good shape.

On the drive home he sat on Lois's lap looking out the window, acting as if he had always been there. And even upon arriving at our house he took a quick look around the rooms and from that time on it was like he had been here for his entire lifetime.
Side note: It was previously agreed, should we ever get a dog, it would sleep in its kennel every night, never be allowed on the bed or up on the furniture.

Rocky Is Good At Training Humans: Well that lasted three nights. He willingly would go into his kennel at night on his own, and lay there with those dreamy eyes looking right at you no matter what the time. You couldn't get a better little dog, no hassle, no resistance. Lois said, "You gotta let him on the foot of the bed, he loves us so much."

Well you know where he sleeps every night now. And not necessarily on the foot either!

Observations: When we first got Rocky, he was very anxious if you touched his front legs. Similarly if you touched him around his lower jaw. I am guessing kids probably picked him up by his front legs, thus the accused biting. I also have a feeling he was kicked in the past, perhaps the real reason some teeth had to be removed.

Today he doesn't mind either of those areas being touched providing you are gentle and kind while doing so. During our walks he has met many kids and has been happy tail wagging nice to every one of them.

RockyComfortYou Got'er Made Now Bud - we are fortunate to have a Trans Canada Trail close to our place where we take Rock for daily walks. I met a gentleman that also lives in the area one day and he said: "Oh you have a little dog now, what a cute little fella he is!" I replied: "Yeah he's a rescue, we've only had him a short time. I understand he wasn't treated very well." The man got right down on his knees and took Rocky in his arms and said: "Well, you've gott'er made now Bud!"  Those words come back to me nearly every day.

Everybody loves Rocky, and he loves them. He has sure changed this household in a big way. I am so glad I agreed to take that drive, it was meant to be.

Rocky Birthday2021 Rocky Is 15 Years Old - at the time of this writing. I've read dogs don't understand words, but I swear he understands most words we say. Rocky rarely barks, unless you forget and leave him outside on the swing, then you will get one long loud one. He communicates by expressions. A certain look to go outside. Another when he wants to go to bed. A look of help when he wants to get up beside Mama or Papa. He even has a special look when he wants Cheerios.

Did I say Cheerios? Yes, I read where plain Cheerios are a good treat to share with your dog. I like them myself, plain, with no milk, better than potato chips. Well Rocky has a certain look when he wants to share those with me. And there's another special look when we're finished, for a long drink of water, and possibly a trip outside.

Pals Forever Rescuing Rocky has been the best happening we could ever ask for. Yes he is spoiled, we are spoiled, but I can tell you one thing; we got him to give him the best possible life ever - that he never had before. And that's exactly what he will get no matter what - for as long as he lives!



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