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We get a lot of comments that leads to a question, such as: "My laptop speakers are too tiny and sound awful, any suggestions?"

It is pretty simple to type Tweakers Speakers into Google or the search engine of your choice and get a variety of reviews suggesting the good and the bad points of these speakers.

Here we will give our view of our experiences with the Tweakers Speakers after over a year's use. They cost in the vicinity of $20. give or take.



Tweakers look like this in use. They are powered by a small rechargeable battery inside.

A small flat ribbon style cable connects the two speakers, with an additional cable running to the audio input that you would typically use for headphones.

Tweakers have their own volume control.

The pop up top allows a fuller sound.







For traveling, the speakers can be compacted by pushing the top down and giving a little twist to lock it in place.

Cables self retract into the body of the Tweaker.







The two Tweaker Speakers are designed to fit together, held in place by magnets.

They are easily stored for travel in an included cloth type storage bag, with a slip type string closure that is very convenient and quick to use.









This tiny adapter must be used to charge the internal battery of the Tweaker Speakers from the computer USB port.

Because of its size and colour it could be easy to lose.

The speakers would become useless without it.








The adapter is unusual in that it connects to the USB port of the computer and provides a female mini USB port for the speaker cord.

Such an adapter is not readily available if you lose it.




Positive Side


First, the quality of the speakers themselves seem to be quite solid and should stand the rigors of travel easily.

Sound Quality

Many reviews say these speakers sound tinny and lack bass. I find, considering their purpose that these speakers sound very good. For a netbook or laptop computer their sound is 100% better than the built in speakers. They don't have the deep bass of full sized speakers with a sub-woofer, but then again you wouldn't be lugging them around with your notebook computer either.

Because they are powered, they can be heard all over the house if you 'crank' them up. Not great for listening to music at high volumes, but adequate.


Negative Side

Charging Adapter

As shown in the pictures above, the charging adapter for the Tweakers Speakers is very tiny. It is designed to plug into the USB port of your computer, with the speaker cord plugging into the adapter.

Its male to female configuration is unusual and finding such an adapter at local stores is next to impossible. So if you lose it, you are in big trouble. With its miniature size, losing it would be easy to do.

Speakers Cannot Be Used While Charging

The connecting cord between one speaker and the other has to be disconnected and plugged into the adapter in order to charge the speakers. That means the Tweakers are unusable while charging.

I find the speakers require charging about once a week depending on use, and take a little over an hour to fully charge. The LED turns red while charging and back to blue when charging is complete.

During use a red LED indicates charging is required. However usable time is short from the time the LED turns form blue to red.

Conclusion & Recommendation

The cables for these speakers are small and flat. They seem fragile as they are retracted and pulled from each speaker for travel storage and use. After a year of use I have detected no sign of wear. Only further years of use will determine just how long they last. I expect they will stand up to the task.

For a netbook or laptop computer these speakers can be handy, especially if you move your computer from place to place a lot. Not high quality stereo sound, but way better than tiny hard to hear built in speakers.

Long Term Note

After using Tweakers for an extended period of time I have found three observations.

1) As mentioned, they can be good speakers for a laptop or netbook while traveling, or for short listening projects.

2) On the other hand I found they can also be a nuisance. It would seem if I was busy editing a video, or involved in something where sound was reasonably important, the speakers would suddenly quit, dead, requiring a recharge. That meant interrupting what I was doing, unplugging Tweakers, attaching the charge adapter, and going back to using the built in speakers.

3) If you use your computer's speakers to listen for incoming Skype calls and email when you are away from the computer like I do, you may not realize the Tweakers are dead until it is too late.

Even though the normal running time was several days long, the Tweaker speakers always seemed to quit at the worst possible time.



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