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Targus Presenter

I used to work in a training enviornment where using a video projector for PowerPoint presentations and other computer aided instruction is common place. Having tried various wireless methods for controlling a projector located in another room with a limited amount of success, I am amazed at this little wonder.

The small USB receiver, which is about the size of a thumb drive plugs into the USB port on the computer. There is no setup required, Windows XP picks it up immediately and you are in business. The battery operated transmitter is handheld and uses the 2.4 GHz frequency to pass the electronic instructions to the receiver. The range is anywhere in a normal classroom setting.

You can read detailed specs here on the manufacturer's site. Your thumb rests on a ball whick acts like a trackball for mouse movements. Buttons at the top act like normal mouse buttons.

But here is the neat part. Along the right side are three LEDs. Near the bottom of the unit is a button that allows you to change to different control methods. When the Green LED is on, the top buttons act like normal mouse buttons, with Left click on the left, Right click on the right and so on.

Hit that little button on the bottom to make the Red LED light up and it changes to the presentation mode. Now the Right button causes PowerPoint slides to advance forward. The Left button causes the PowerPoint slides to go to the previous slide.

There are other buttons that do other things, such as change applications, go to the internet, check email, multimedia and so on. I will let you discover those for yourself. There is an on/off button on the left side to conserve battery power when not in use.

Okay I will mention just one more super useful thing. Touch a button underneath the presenter, and "Presto" you have a built in Laser pointer.

This is the best presentation tool I have run across so far. If you do computer presentations, this is the tool to have. It is compact, all the buttons are in the right places for use and it even comes with a small clip to fasten the two units together when transporting in its small bag. It works instantly with no drivers of any kind on any computer laptop or desktop so long as you have an available USB port.

The price is right too. I managed to get one half price on sale. But at less than a hundred dollars it is worth the full price.

After using this product for an extended amount of time, all of the above still holds true. However battery life is short when the features are used along with the laser pointer feature. We have been careful to turn it off when not actually in use and use the pointer as minimal as possible. In daily use of a couple hours a day or less I would estimate battery life to be two weeks, three at most. Maybe rechargables would be a good choice.



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