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I often wondered if paying a higher price for a web cam was worth the extra money over a thirty dollar model. After using the Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 I am convinced it is. I have one at my work location, as well as at home. Typing the name into the Google search engine will give you the information and reviews you want.

I have found the clarity and ease of use are well worth the extra. Installation was a breeze, with any program that uses a cam able to sense it immediately. One important Hint: Do a manual install and do not install Logitech Desktop Manager. You don't need it, it only brings in ads and other garbage every time you start your computer. And it doesn't uninstall easily if you do put it on first and then try to remove it. I was disappointed that this was included in the automatic regular install.

On the plus side, the cam is noticably clear and accurate, with multiple settings for light conditions. It works well in low light conditions as well as normal room lighting.

One unique feature is Face Tracking which can be turned on or off. When on the camera zooms in and follows you around the room with certain limitations. The camera itself does not move, but the feature is done internally with the electronics. Other extra features included in the controls are zoom, pan, tilt, and so on. It should cover anyone's web cam needs.

The camera comes with two brackets, the usual small stand that most cameras have, and the one I like most, a special bendable bracket that fits any LCD monitor perfectly. The only thing that gave me any problem at all was changing the brackets. It takes a rather strong snap to get the camera out of the bracket it is in the first time or so. Almost to the point where you think you may break it.

Additional software is available off Logitech's web site to make it even more useful, such as emailing, motion detection, web page cam and other goodies.



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