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Here is a little mini cam available from Radio Shack and other stores under various names for $30. cdn or less. Now it will never replace a larger multi pixel digital camera. It does take 26 qualitypictures in the 640 x 480 size. If you are happy with smaller pictures 320 x 240, such as for a web page, it will hold 99 of those. If you try to make the pictures much larger with a photo program they will quickly distort. On the other hand at their original size they are adequate for many purposes as shown here.

This is a camera you can take with you all the time, on a key chain or in your pocket. It would be great for remembering something, accident pictures should you get involved in one, and many other candid uses.

It comes with drivers, software and a usb cable for downloading the pictures to a computer. I only used the drivers, the cam worked fine with all other photo programs I had on my computers. Look for it under Twain/acquire. For power it uses a single AAA cell.

It can also be used as a web cam,(which works very well, but it is hard to find a stable place for it), and has multiple settings such as rapid fire, 10 sec. timer, two quality and compression settings. It works in low light fairly well, and if the light is not sufficient it won't snap the picture. The pictures here have been downsize 100% or more.

One downside, if the battery goes dead you lose your pictures. I use a rechargeable. If you use a regular battery, its life is very short. This camera also draws power even when you are not using it, so remove the battery when it is not in use. The battery will go dead in about a week otherwise.

Because of the battery usage problem this neat little camera gets a much lower rating that it would otherwise.

A note on using rechargables with this camera: Rechargables work fine when they are new. Once they have been recharged many times they will only last for a very short time, until finally the rechargable batteries won't work at all. This may lead you to believe the camera is not working. Always try a good heavy duty alkaline should you suspect the camera is not working.


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