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Newsletter Review

Newsletter review is difficult and changes often as newsletters are always going through a state of change.

NSCAVE has discontinued reviewing newsletters. (2013)

There are still many newsletters you can subscribe to, but you have to evaluate carefully for information that is accurate and truthful.

Evaluate Your Newsletter

Things to look for when you decide to have a newsletter arrive in your inbox.

1) Before subscribing, read if for several weeks if you can, to assess its value.

2) Consider using Twitter or a news reader if it is available in those formats. Then its easy to get rid of if you decide its not your style.

3) Be aware that some give reviews of software and products a high rating only to point out the negatives in the fine print or in a discreet way. Look for words such as "trial," "the only thing...:," "watch out for..," and so on.

4) Be aware that some companies/sites appear to have a variety of newsletters with various titles. Closer inspection will reveal they are all the same, with the same articles appearing under different titles with the exact same content.

5) Watch for misleading links that may include tool bars, or free computer scans that lead to mal ware or some kind of required paid content.




Information is not official, and is only an opinion gathered from personal experience.
If I make negative comments about any newsletter or similar products, it does not mean that it or its writer/owner is bad in any way. It just means that my personal experience with it was less than favourable. On the other hand if I make positive comments in a similar fashion, it only means my personal expectations were satisfactory. All of these people work very hard at producing quality publications.





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