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MIO Moov 300c GPS Review



MIO Moov 300c GPS which included a free 2009 map update when it was released.




The MIO Moov 300c was purchased in November of 2008. The enticement to buy included the 2009 map upgrade when it became available. The unit itself performed well as noted below. The problem began with the promised 2009 map upgrade. You can read those details here.

Because of this it barely rated one rose on our scale.

mio screen


The 4.3 MIO screen is very clear and easy to read.

Screen colours can be customized from preferences.

A night time scheme is switched to automatically to make it easier on the eyes at nigh.






mio menu



Easy to read menus allow you to customize the various elements for your travels.








mio mount



The normal MIO mount is a typical windshield mount, which I found puts the unit too far away in the glare of the sun on large vehicles.

I elected to use this NaV-Mat (available separately), which allows small angle adjustments easily while driving to avoid glare from various angles of the sun.

A glue on disc is provided if you just need to move the unit closer to you.





The unit actually performed very good, finding places and roads in out of the way places that I wouldn't expect it to - in Canada. The specs for the 'C' model said Canada and major US roads.

Major US roads consisted of lines indicating US interstates, with absolutely no side streets. I expect the US model would do better than that. Other brands sold in this area included detailed Canada & US maps.

The enticement to buy included all Canadian & US maps when they became available. The upgrade was supplied as a download, not mailed on DVD as the registration email said. The update did not/would not work, ending with months of frustration detailed here.

Thankfully a considerate retailer (Staples) took the unit back and I am now the owner of a TomTom.

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