USB Flylight



This is one of the gadgets you see in the catalogues but hardly anyone talks about. They go by various names, but I will call it a flylight. It is a neat little LED light designed to plug into a USB port on laptop computers to light up the keyboard or whatever for night time use. According to the reviews they use only seconds worth of battery power during use. I find no difference in battery life on the portables I use. It is flexible so that you can point it where ever you desire.

I probably use the keyboard more than the average person, and can touch type reasonably well without looking at the keys. But sometimes, when using the F keys for example, I have to look. Or in my case I use two different laptops that have some keys such as the Windows Key in different locations. This light glows over the keyboard just enough to see exactly what you need to see. If you use your notebook computer in dark places, this is highly recommended.





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