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AZZ Cardfile

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AZZ Cardfile V4 - is here with more features and many useful additions.

AZZ Cardfile Version 4 has lots of helpful features through out. I will leave the detailed discription of those to their website where each is described thoroughly.

AZZ V4 Main


Tabs: You are able to sort your information files in tabs, adding structure and the ability to find topics easily.

Icons: Colourful icons make it even easier to recognize the file you want within its own tab.

All: Selecting the all tab allows you to view all tabs and icons at one time. You can still type a search word into the maroon coloured box to take you directly to the tab you want. Remember F4 takes you directly to that box.

AZZ Icons


If you click on the drop down list under the Task Bar you will find other things you can do.


For example you can choose from a wide variety of Icons for your individual cards that will make them stand out by their unique shape and colour.


AZZ Duplicate Import


AZZ Cardfile Version 4 allows you to import your cards or files from version 3 as you would expect. It also allows import from other sources such as the original Windows Cardfile if you haven't used version 3.

During import if it comes across duplicate files it allows you a number of choices.

You can select to rename it as shown here.

Or you can select one of the other options on the list.

(You have to be careful with this. If you have different information saved under the same card name, it may not be an exact duplicate and you would want to keep both cards. It is safer to rename, or add to the Duplicated Group and check later to be sure.)


AZZ add to USB drive


You can have your entire cardfile on a handy usb drive and take it with you where ever you go.

Since all my important items are kept in cardfile, this is most valuable to have close at hand.

Also if you have to record additional information or notes on the go, this is the place to put it. The two are easily synchronized upon your return.


No elaborate scientific setups here. No special laboratory equipment. Just honest in use every day setups that my friends or I use, or have used in our every day computing activities.


(March 2009)

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