Staples Mailmate Shredder



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It's ironic that just as I was about to publish a review on the Staples Mailmate Shredder it decided to die in 9/10s of a second.

Mailmate front


The Staples Mailmate shredder is a compact fancy looking shredder that supposedly shreds up to 10 sheets of paper at once, CDs, DVDs, credit cards and other such every day things.









Mailmate Top


A guiding slot is provided for CDsand DVDs.

The paper slot is narrow, meaning a sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper has to be folded in half to be shredded.










Summary: I purchased this shredder primarily to do CDs and DVDs. The fact it also handled paper and credit cards was a bonus that I thought would replace my older 'just paper' shredder.

It was only used a minimal amount over a 7 month period, mostly for paper junk mail type stuff, and only occasionally a DVD or so, one at a time.

Finally after inserting a single DVD one day, it shredded the DVD and quit - completely dead, never to go again.

In fairness though, a friend of mine has had one of these for some time and it has been used frequently and steadily without a problem. Too bad that seems to be a minority.

Fortunately it was returned without any difficulty.

No elaborate scientific setups here. No special laboratory equipment. Just honest in use every day setups that my friends or I use, or have used in our every day computing activities.


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