Logitech Z305 Speaker

Logitech Z305 Speaker




Finally a speaker that is easy to setup, transport and use on a laptop. the Logitech Z305.

At first I hesitated buying it because its price was a little higher than what I would normally pay for add-on speakers for a laptop/notebook. However the price paid was a bit below listed retail, and after using the soundbar for a period of time I am fully satisfied, impressed even.


Z305 top view

I am not sure whether to call the soundbar a speaker or speakers. It is a long bar with a speaker in each end. It connects via USB, so eliminates the need for charging, it just works.

It clips to the top of the laptop screen.



I'll let you read the details on the Logitech site of how it works to produce room filling sound.

I'll just say that if you are sitting in front of the laptop they sound great. If you are away from the computer they sound great too, with good stereo separation and individual instruments sounding like they come from different points. Now the bass doesn't sound like your typical sub-woofer equipped multi-speaker system. But it is certainly adequate, sounding much better than any built in speakers ever could, and much better than any other speakers I have used, such as a typical two speaker setup and the aforementioned Tweakers.

They also cost more too. Remember that old saying, "You get what you pay for?"

I use the Logitech Z305 sound bar for editing videos, the occasional online video and other normal uses, where it is nice to have good full sound and be portable too.

Battery Life
It has been mentioned that since the Logitech Z305 is USB powered, decreased battery power could be expected. I can't comment on this right now as my Laptop is on AC power most of the time. Maybe at some future update I will be able to elaborate on this.

Netbook Use
Can the Z305 be used on a netbook. Yes it can - but, (there's always a but) the ends of the sound bar would extend past the sides of the screen by a substantial amount. With the sound bar being approximately 12.5 in. long, the ends would probably extend at least 1.5 in. on each side of the typical netbook.

Z305 End view



Logitech Z305 is fairly heavy. Your laptop hinges/support need to be in good condition. I've had no problem with my computer, but in the past I have had a laptop where the friction for the hinge was very light. In this case I suspect the lid would have to be carefully positioned for support. For the average laptop computer of today, no problem.

The speaker is designed so that it will sit easily and squarely on a flat surface, so it could sit behind the computer and still supply great sound.

Setup took only a couple of minutes. Plug in the usb cord and the drivers were picked up immediately. I did have to go to Control Panel and changed the setting to the Logitech Z305 speaker since I was previously using analogue tweaker speakers.

There is a power switch on the back of the speaker, plus up and down volume controls. They work well, but I find it easier to use the normal computer volume control. As for power, when you power down the computer it goes off, and comes back on when you boot it up again. The only time I use the switch is when I prefer to use headphones for editing or some such task. Then I do use the speaker switch to turn them off.


Z305 Front View


The Logitech Z305 clips on the top back of the computer lid/screen. The clamp is designed to go on and off easily, and has allowed for use of a built in web cam and built in mic should your computer have these.


Z305 USB cord
Other sites indicate the length of the USB cord as approximately 19 inches. This reaches any side or rear usb ports easily.

Run From USB Hub
I frequently run my Logitech Z305 from a USB hub with no difficulties and is my preferred way most of the time.

Audio Input The sound bar has an extra 1/8 in. audio input to allow sound input from other devices such as IPod or something similar. It is located on the bottom as it is mounted on the laptop screen, so is somewhat awkward to get to unless you unclip the speaker first

Easy to Transport
Anything for a laptop needs to be easily portable if you are to get full use out of it. These speakers do so easily. The cord fits in a neat little groove on the bottom and the package includes a black carry bag. Nothing is fragile, this unit will pack and transport easily in most computer bags or luggage. Plug in the usb cord and you are ready to go again.

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