Fluorescent Floodlights


Fluorescent Floodlights Will Not Fit

They may not save you money, they may make you waste fuel taking them back!

This is only one brand of replacement fluorescent floodlamps. They all have similar thick bases just above the threaded portion.


In the picture on the left, notice the white area just above the threads is very thick. Also notice on the lower left of the package that it shows a typical floodlight socket suggesting it is a 'saving' to use this type of replacement.

The lower left picture shows an actual in use socket with a conventional floodlight bulb. It tapers back at a continuous smooth angle to fit the socket threads.

The bottom right picture shows how the new fluorescent replacement from the above package will not fit the usual socket because of the large white bulge that I presume is housing the electronics for the fluorescent. In fact, the base of the replacement would not even touch the female threaded area of the socket.

You've heard the old slogan; "slightly ahead of it's time". Well it certainly fits here.

Notice these lamps contain mercury.

See our comments on regular Compact Fluorescents.


Notice the difference in width near the base of the floodlights just above the threaded portion.










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