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Cheap Letter Opener

Here's a neat idea for opening the various envelopes you get in the mail every day.

You know how you tear at the different sized envelopes, some large, some small, and they tear half way down the middle. Or you try to tear across the end. Not much of a care with junk mail, but usually you end up ripping the contents on the ones that really matter.

Here's a low cost way to have the most efficient letter opener you ever could imagine.

Seat Belt Cutter! Let me say that again, Seat Belt Cutter!

A seat belt cutter is really designed to cut vehicle seat belts in an emergency to get the occupants out really quickly. But they also make fine letter openers.

Seat belt cutters are really cheap to buy at your local automotive supplier or emergency services supplier. If you are really keen, they give them away at automotive and trade shows for free as promotional items. You have to look for them, most people overlook them because they do not know what they are.

Seat Belt Cutter Letter Opener

seat belt cutter

They come in various shapes and sizes. They usually have a handle at the top (this one was made to accept a business card for promotional purposes), with a sharp point and a very sharp blade in a slot.

seat belt cutter & envelope

Simply insert the sharp point into the edge of the envelope and slide it along.

Safe, easy, and no cut fingers.


cutter opens envelope


Envelopes are opened neatly with the contents untouched inside.

(You do have to pay attention that the point is inserted carefully, otherwise it is possible to cut the contents in two as it slides along so easily.)

The best letter opener in the world and you can store it almost anywhere because the blade is well protected.


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