Walkie Talkie For Travel


Walkie Talkie Radio For Travel

Have you ever traveled long distances with another party in a second vehicle? How do you communicate?

Cell phones will work, but it can be expensive if you include roaming charges.

Cobra WalkieTalkie

.Try the Cobra Walkie Talkie or FRS radio as they are often called.

Depending on the model purchased, you will have loads of channels, sub-channels and coding features to satisfy your needs.

With a little planning, these walkie talkies can make your journey a more pleasant one when traveling with companions in another vehicle.



Walkie Talkie Travel Problems

Several things need to be addressed to make Walkie Talkies useful during road trips.

1) Range is limited. Even though specifications may say up 20 miles or more, that is likely over flat land with no interference. Range will likely be a mile or two.

2) Walkie Talkies have limited power, meant for short range.

3) Walkie Talkies need to be held near the windows or up high. Lay them down horizontally on the console of your vehicle and the range will likely disappear altogether.

Most Important Tip For Walkie Talkie Use

1) Press the transmit button.

2) Take a breath.

3) Speak - say what you have to say.

4) Take a breath.

5) Release the transmit button and listen for your reply.

The most common error when using walkie talkies for communication is you miss the person's first couple of words. Then you hear a partial sentence, and the person clicks off, and you lose their final few words.

"I didn't get that" is your usual reply, "say that again." By following the above five steps you will improve your conversations 100%.

Speak slower than normal - its a good idea to force yourself to speak slightly slower than normal. This will help improve clarity.


NSCAVE Equipped For Travel (NSCAVE uses an equipped Grand Caravan)

Holding the units for long periods is not the answer either. Our way of compensating for the problem follows.

Walkie Talkie Vehicle Mount


Using a strip of velcro on both the Walkie Talkie and the windshield post, mount one of the units so it stays vertical near the windshield and side window.

Quality velcro will hold the unit in place through the roughest of roads.

Yet it can be easily removed for use by tilting its base outward.

Placing in back is just as easy after use.

The unit is placed for optimum signal while awaiting calls.


Windshield post velcro


Just a simple strip of velcro on the windshield post and on the back of the walkie talkie will hold it in place easily.


Mounted walkie talkie


Channel numbers and other display information are easily seen.

Ours is shown mounted on the passenger side for passenger use.

A strip of velcro on the driver's windshield post would allow the driver to access the walkie talkie for use. (Not recommended for highway use for safety reasons, and may be illegal in some locations.)



Post Trip note: On a trip from Nova Scotia to Florida, the Cobra Micro radios worked flawlessly. They enabled us to share exit, lane, and safety information all along the way between our two vehicles. Choosing stops for meals, motels and shopping was super easy throughout.


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