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Things Rose LIked

This page shows some of the thngs Rose liked. Her satisfaction and delight came from very simple things. Some of these we never knew she had until the time came to go through her belongings.

Footprints Necklace


Rose's favourite verse was "Footprints". She loved it in every form and had plaques of it as well.

This was her last birthday present from me on March 14, 2007. She was so over joyed to get it that it even brought a couple tears to my eyes.

She wanted to wear it often but unfortunately only got to wear it a few times during her remaining three months. I remember one day she wanted to wear it so bad when she was going for a treatement - I said we could take it but she would have to remove it during radiation. She decided not to.

Now this pendant has become a treasure of mine bringing happines, tears and sorrow every time I look at it, and I tend to look at it often.


Nana Angel

I'm Angel Cheeks, your Guardian Angel.

This little angel was given to her by one of the grandchildren. The day she got it she clipped it to her jacket collar and she never left the house without it. If she changed jackets, the Nana Angel had to be changed too.

The little card that came with it says: "I will be there when nobody else is, to care, kiss away tears and bring smiles on rainy days. And always - to be a very best friend. Because Everybody Needs Somebody.


Antique desk phone

Old Stick phone


Old wall phone

She liked the old phones for their style and real bells. All function properly.

In fact Rose would never use the programmable buttons on any of our new phones, but would dial the entire number one digit at a time. When I asked why, she said you need to keep your mind active. You don't know anybody's phone number. I know them all off by heart. How true that is.


Mr Mrs Bear

Mountie bearEven tho the house is full of monkeys there are some bears around. Mr & Mrs Bear and our RCMP buddy were two of her favourites.

Old Teddy

Old Teddy has had a hard time. She fixed and dressed him up a little. I had "Teddy" when I was a little guy some sixty years ago. He has real straw inside and is definitely one of a kind.

When we got him from my mother, Rose took care of him like he was a baby.

Woody talking tree

Everyone in the family is familiar with "Woody" the talking tree. For his 'RaTa Ta, RaTa Ta, could be heard not only at Christmas time, but all year 'round, for she never truly put this guy away. She would take great pleasure sneaking that out when you least expected it.

Click on Woody to hear him!

Pillsbury charactersPilllsbury guys

She always liked the Pillsbury guys from the smallest to the largest.

Pickle Shakers

There is a comic strip calle Pickles about an older couple and the weird things you do as you get older. We read it every day, and we both did 99% of the things that comic showed.

These two shakers sit on top of the microwave reminding us we were two 'Pickles'. Someone thoughtfully labeled them with our names.





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