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Rose's Monkeys


Rose got to like monkeys and chimps from watching Animal Planet. She liked all animals, but the chimps were her favourites. In fact she knew them all by first name on the Animal Planet channel. Because of this all of us began buying her various style of stuffed monkeys over the years, and on occasion she got so she would get the odd one herself. This is just a small sample of the many monkeys in our household.


Curious George

This was the last monkey she purchased. She was in a wheel chair at the time and directed me to take her up a certain aisle. I said that's kids toys, thinking she must be getting something for the grandchildren. "I want George" she says as she held him tightly.

Near the cash she put him on the shelf and said, "That's too expensive for that." I put him back in the cart and said "Too late, he is part of the collection now."

Am I ever glad that I did. I will always remember Curious George as her last monkey and last shopping trip in that store.


Curious George and friend

Curious George now stands proudly on top of our TV with his buddy. I forgot his name one time and called him "George DooFlicker". That has become his permanent name from now on.

I Love You MonkeyThis little dude was given to Rose by one of our grandsons and still hangs on the bedpost. When you touch his belly he says: "I Love You, I Love You!" (Click His Belly To Hear Him.)

For over a year every single night just before we were to fall asleep I would touch his belly. Rose's hearing became more difficult because of the cancer drugs, and sometimes I would touch his belly four or five times before I would get a response from her saying "I love you too."

He will hang on the bedpost for a long time. Okay, I'll admit it. Sometimes I touch his belly!


Monkey Chair

The character with the banana makes the real monkey sound and vibrates all over the place when you squeeze his fingers. It will always make you laugh no matter what your mood.

The big fella just looks atcha.

(Click The Little Monkey To Hear Him!)


Monkey over bed

Yes there is even a monkey hanging over the head of the bed.

This guy is kind of quiet and just sort of hangs around.


Monkeys on Deck

If you look closely you can see monkeys all over the place. I moved a lot of them outside one day to tease her just before she went out to get some air. She loved it!


We will add more monkeys soon.




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