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Sam our dog

"Sam" most loyal friend we ever had - Nov. 22, 2003.

She always liked this picture and would want him near her.







Bully Last


This gave us the feeling of the last connection with "Mom". We had to say goodbye to our little furry friend on 26 Oct. 2011.


March 21, 2007 we were advised my wife Rose of 45 years had cancer and her time would be short.

Roses vase

June 13, 2007 after some successful treatments I suddenly lost her to that terrible disease.

Although it was expected, it certainly was not expected that quickly.

She was my life, my heart, a true soulmate, and always will be - forever.

The Monkeys will remain, because that was one of her favourite animals.

However other links on this page will lead to things about her and things she treasured.




Welcome To Rose's Memorial

March 14, 1937 - June 13, 2007


Christmas & New Years 2012 - 2013 - We will never forget the ones who watch over us each day guiding our way.

Happy Birthday 2012 - Your presence still guides me through the roughest days!

Christmas & New Years 2011 - 2012 - You often said life goes on. It does. But happy times are never forgotten.

Anniversary 2012 - The days go by, but the memories are there every single one of them.

Anniversary 2011 - This year I ran across this poem by "allisia" that fits my thoughts perfectly.

Happy Birthday 2011 - I Wish I Could Teach, don't take life for granted, it will surely change.

Christmas & New Years 2010 - 2011 - Our hearts are still guided by those we will always love.

.Anniversary 2010 - Life Goes On

Happy Birthday 2010 - I Will Never Forget.

Christmas & New Years 2009 - 2010 - Time goes by and things change, but I never will.

Anniversary 2009 - Always is a long long time, it will never end.

Happy Birthday 2009 - I still say Happy Birthday, and I always will.

My Rose - The original album, faster loading, smaller pictures. Click Rose, then the slide show button

Rose'sAlbum - A slide show with thumbnails showing her various looks over the years. Some pictures are shown twice, this is intentional . This show has been updated with sound and larger pictures. Takes longer to load but it's worth it.

Rose's Shrine - This is her temporary resting place set up by the family. You can see how it looks here.

One Year Has Passed - June 2008 - The emptiness and loneliness never goes away. "I Will Always Love You Forever!"

First Anniversary Without Rose - September 1, 2007 was my first anniversary without Rose. I miss her so much - this little poem expresses exactly how I feel.

Worst Christmas Ever 2007 - For the 45 years we were married we were always together for the entire 44 Christmas's and New Year's. Alas, the 45th one would be the worst ever as she will not be here.

Superstitions - Are you superstitious? Do you believe in certain signs? During Rose's last days these events took place. You can decide if they are just coincidence or if they were really signs of what was to come.

Rose' Monkeys - She had lots and lots of monkeys - monkeys everywhere, this is only a sample.

Rose's Dolls - Even though Rose liked monkeys, she had quite a collection of dolls. Here is a sample.

Rose Liked Other Things - She like lots of other things too, antique phones, footprints, special angels,... here is a sample.

Rose's Trinkets - I call these items trinkets, because they were all tucked away in various places usually only known to her. Having a special meaning for her, each had its place mostly unknown to the rest of the family until after her passing.

Rose's Favourite - Footprints has always been her all time favourite inspirational piece.

Oddities of Rose's Passing - Is it just circumstances? Or do certain things have meaning? Who knows?

Things I Am Thankful For - And some I am not. These are things that we did every day that makes most memories so fulfilling.

Words Remembered - These are statements she made that stick with me every day. And some sayings she made up herself.

I Will Never Forget Nanny - Sometimes we forget the little ones have a special way to say what we all feel inside.

Anniversary 2008 - Sept 1 is the second anniversary without the person that made my world - I will always love her forever!

(Many of the above Links / Pages will have additional material added.)

Without A Doubt She Loved Her Monkeys! MonkeyBanana


Advanced Technology allows me to see what you are doing! Click Here!

One of my favourite web sites is Monkey World. This is a place that rescues monkeys in captivity that were mis-used for pets or for making movies, etc.


They also have a program on one of the TV Specialty channels, Animal Planet. This

channel covers all animals as well as the monkeys and chimps.



"Did it ever occur to you that you are looking in a mirror?."


Love Monkeys

There Is Only One Right Way To Open A Banana - They Did It First!

A friend (Miz D) suggested that I point out the fact that 'Monkeys' open their banana the right way - something I have been doing for a long time.

You see, humans open their banana this way:


But the monkeys always open theirs like this: They don't get any on their hands (?) and they have this neat handle to hold the banana with.

All you have to do is grasp the handle (stem), and grab the black button on the other end, and with a slight twist, open the banana

Remember to only peel it down in three sections - a banana doesn't have four skins!






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