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Rose said one time that because she came from a large family and her mother was left by herself to raise this large family for a long time, that she wasn't able to have many dolls to play with as a little girl.

We made up for that in later years as we encouraged her to complile a doll collection. This is only a small sample of some of her favourites.

Angel1 doll

Angel2 doll


These Angels are approximately two feet tall. There are many more, such as fibre optics Christmas Angels.


Dolls 1 pic




The dolls above, and those below are in cabinets with glass doors. A large family indeed.






Some dolls are at the other end of the scale, being very tiny.

Doll 1_5


Some dolls have never been taken out of the package in order to keep them dust free.

Doll 1_6


Bee Doll

There are a number of specialty dolls such as this "Bee" doll.


Doll Swing

Not all dolls are in cabinets or on shelves.

Sleepy Doll

There is a story that goes along with this little fella. He was always positioned on the back of the sofa. I used to assist with the vacuuming on occasion, and each time I vacuumed I would do this doll, making the strips of fur go horizontal one time, vertical the next, and zig zag the next and so on.

At first she wouldn't notice for an hour or two. Then finally she looked forward to it to see what design I would come up with next.

You know what? It is still on the back of the sofa, and even though she is gone, I still change the stripes every time I vacuum.

Rose Doll

And of course this is the best doll of all!




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