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One Year Has Gone By


Taking the leap year into account along with the usual calendar adjustment, it was one year ago that my life changed forever.

"I Will Always Love You Forever!"


I Will Always Love You Forever


A year has gone by and the days have been long
It has been very difficult as I've said all along.
Life is what you make it, so I've been told
But no one knows what to do, when you've been put on hold.

Each day is a repeat of the sadness the day before
When all the happiness I had is not there anymore.
It's easy to say that life goes on
And so it does even though you are gone.

No one understands the way we do
How you can smile and laugh and still be blue.
The outside is false, the inside is true
Nothing is worse than paddling your own canoe.

There are many happy memories that will always remain,
They are rerun many times in the theatre of my brain.
But the power of loneliness always wins out
It's the worst emotion anyone can endure, without any doubt.

I've cried every day, the tears continue to flow,
The emptiness and loneliness do nothing but grow.
People say time will make things better,
To me time seems like an unraveling sweater.

Yes a year has gone past
Since I saw you last,
Our togetherness ended way too soon
Deflated in seconds like a kids balloon.

You were taken away so awfully quick
Taken from me in an instant, like a magic trick.
So many things we planned to do,
Can not take place now that I don't have you.

Our love so true we lived for each other,
I became a father you became a mother.
We were blessed with sons one two three
Which made the best family ever, I think you will agree.

So no matter what people say or think I should do
My life's daily routine still depends on you.
Someday all this sadness will come to an end,
When I get to join you again, my very best friend.

As I've said before many a time
In these little poems with words that rhyme,
You're my everything and always will be,
I will always love you forever, my Rose Marie.





Sealed With A Tear!







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