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Oddities About Rose's Passing

Is it supernatural, or does your mind just play games when it is overloaded with stress? Who knows! Here are some unusual things that happened since Rose passed away.

The Numbers Game - we do not know or understand the following sequence of 'fives'. But there are too many for it to be just chance:

Rose passed away at 5:55 on Floor 5, Room 55 - there are 5 family members, including her.


Unusual Mail

Closer to God magazine


On returning home later that morning, this magazine was found in our mail box, addressed to her. In other words it wasn't just a householder piece of junk mail.


Sure, it is an advertisement magazine promoting books and like publications.


But why did it arrive in the mail that particular day, the day of her death? Why not the day before? Why not the day after?


Blue BallBlue Ball

Our living room has a blue ball that rotates and makes the letters appear as if they are in space. It shows the time, the date, temperature, caller ID, and randomly some messages such as Good Morning or Good Afternoon. You can also program an amount of your own personal messages into it. It has battery back up so that if there is a power failure it will not lose its time or programming.

One of the messages I programmed into it was "Hi Dolly, I Love You", that being my pet name for Rose. I am not exactly sure when it happened but I noticed about two days after Rose's passing, that the message "Hi Dolly, I Love You" was no longer there. To the best of my knowledge there had been no power failures and even if there was, the battery backup should have prevented any message loss.

In fairness, there were other messages programmed in there besides the factory installed ones, and they were gone too. The blue ball has been around for at least a year or more, and the messages never changed. Why did they change then? Was it again some outside power that deleted the message, or just a fluke that would have happened anyway?

You decide, because I am not sure. But I find the timing for the message removal very interesting.

Our Wedding Car Appears

I wasn't sure whether to put this one under superstitions or oddities. It seems a little of both to me. Some six months after Rose's passing I am still going through stuff that we had together. Most often I am aware of it, other times only partially aware, such as the case here.

We have a typical foot stool in the living room that opens to a small compartment. In cleaning mode one day I wondered what was inside the foot stool, and flipped it open to find a group of old calendars. "They may as well go in the garbage" I thought. And a handful of them did.

Then I noticed three of them were photos of old cars. They are nice pictures I thought, maybe I should hang on to them a little longer. As I flipped through the first one I came across this picture:

57Chev Wedding Car


Wow, I thought a '57 Chevy that looks just like our wedding car. Then I read the little paragraph in the lower right corner that named the owner and stated he had won a contest the previous year.

The owner of that car was our best man. That is our actual wedding car! How strange is that?

(I remember being with my wife when she purchased that calendar in 2002 at the cash from Walmart. It was a spur of the moment purchase and I will never know if she knew the picture of our wedding car was in it. There certainly was no discussion of it that I can recall.)

This calendar also included a picture of a mauve '59 Chevy - one of her favourite cars. Strange - very strange indeed!

The Lighted Garland Strip With Litte Red Bows

As mentioned on this page, Christmas 2007 could never be the same without Rose.

However, the tree and decorations were put up in as close an arrangement that we could, like she would have it. This included her angels that were always out, along with various music boxes that played Christmas tunes.

But one thing was missing. For years she always had a lighted Christmas garland with red bows on the rail by the stars at the entrance to our home. The day the tree was put up, I searched high and low, but the garland strip was not to be found.

Days later after several of us commenting it was not the same without that special piece, I searched the closets and every other place where that item could possibly be. During following days if another location came into mind,I would immediately search with no positive results.

Finally, with only a litte over a week to go, I decided to go to the "cubby hole" a closet where all the decorations were stored. I removed nearly every box and searched, and searched some more. No sign of any lighted garland strip with red bows. What a mess of boxes I had strewn about. Sadly, it was time to give up!

I went upstairs for a break, checked my email on the computer, and decided it was time to clean up the mess and put the boxes back. On my way through the kitchen door as I was proceeding back down stairs, I said aloud: "Dolly, (my pet nickname for her), if we are going to have that decoration up, you gotta' find it, I have searched everywhere."

Stair Garland


Downstairs I proceeded to put one of the boxes back. It was then I noticed a crumbled up box in the corner with "Xmas Decor" marked on one of the flaps in black marker. It was coming apart, so I could only tip it slightly to see what was inside.

It was all our outside Christmas lights that we hadn't used for over three or four years. But coiled neatly on top was the lighted garland strip with little red bows.

It was immediately installed on the rail of the stair way where it had always been at this time of year.

I know for a fact it was not put in that box last year, because I was the one that put the decorations away and that box hadn't been opened in years.

Did she answer my question? It seems to be so, and the response was immediate. Our Christmas decorations are now complete.


Foot Steps Upstairs

I was on the computer downstairs engaging in a driving simulator online with one of my friends. No one else was home this quiet afternoon. Although not a heavy person, Rose had a certain identifiable way of walking, sort of a medium heavy sound as she went about her daily activities. I distinctly heard someone walking around upstairs from our bedroom to the kitchen, to the living room and back to the kitchen. The foot steps sound was awfully familiar.

I had been glancing at the security cameras on the monitor so I was reasonably sure no one had come in. The sound was so loud I had to go up stairs and check. You know the answer. There was no one there, but a strong presence could be felt. I returned to the computer and my online friend to continue the racing simulation.

Later that evening, this time my son was at home and in his room, and I was online again with the same individual once again tuning up racing cars. The exact same sound occurred once again, although the pattern of travel was different. Footsteps proceeded from the living room to the kitchen and back overhead, several times.

I didn't say anything at the time, but roughly a week later I mentioned to my son what I had heard. He verified he too had heard the same kinds of footsteps on more than one occasion.

Can a person's spirit still be with you? Those sounds were so exact. It is not likely two of us would imagine the same thing. You decide, I don't know, but when these types of things happen, there is a sense of relief for a time.

Jesus Watches Over Her - April 2008

Jesus watches Rose



By now you have seen several pictures on this web site of a Shrine we made for Rose in the corner of our living room. It is lighted 24 hours a day with four blue LEDs.Originally there were only two LEDs and I had decided a couple months ago to add two more to light the background better. I mentioned to my son on the phone that it looked much better.

Some time later when he was staying here overnight, he mentioned he couldn't wait to see what it looked like after dark. When darkness came, he stood in the doorway and exclaimed, "Look there's hands there!" And that is when we discovered the full outline of Jesus watching over her.

Closeup Jesus watches

In both these pictures you can see quite clearly the outline we are talking about in a unique pose that most of us have seen many times before.


I was always one to pass these things off lightly even though I believed people when they described such events happening. Now that events are occuring more and more frequently I am paying more attention.

The Appointment Calendar On The Fridge - April 2008


scanned calendar

This is a typical monthly magnetic calendar that you write on with a dry erase marker to keep track of your monthly appointments.

This was left on the refrigerator since June 2007.

June 12th was her last appointment where difficulties occurred, and early June 13th she passed away after a night of complications. You can see here that the June 13th date is quite empty.

I had scanned this calendar as shown here, to keep as an electronic record as I did with all documents involved.


You can see that June 13th is pretty plain, as that was the day my life became unbearably empty.

April 2nd as I sat at the kitchen table just after breakfast, I looked up at the side of the refrigerator and thought, "Gee that calendar is still there. It is time to either remove it or clean it off an use it.

Calendar with heart

The sun was shining on the calendar as shown. If you look closely you will see the outline of a heart on June 13th.

It did not show up in the picture, but the heart was outlined with a 3D type yellow glow much like the colour of a highlighter.

It gradually faded away as the sunlight changed position.

But - the outline of the heart remains.



closeup heart outline


In real life it looks like the heart was drawn with a sharp instrument such as a ball point pen. But there are no ink marks, and it is wider at some point than it is at others.

I asked other family members if they had drawn the heart and received a negative response.

I had looked at that calendar many times and I am sure there was no heart there.

It appeared with a yellow glow that stood out from the surface. And when the glow faded away the imprint of the heart remained.

This is a heart much like Rose used to draw - on the sandwich wrappers and other items in my lunch when I was working. She always did that as an expression of her love, and she is still doing it!




Do you believe there is meaning in such things? Stay tuned, there's more.





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