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Happy New Year 2009


"I Will Always Love You Forever!"


Happy New Year 2009



They tell me Happy New Year,
They sound so happy and sincere.
But it does absolutely nothing for me
I know you and I agree.

As each day of the year has slowly passed,
The memories of years before continue to hold fast.
For not a second passes by
That I don't hesitate, pause and cry.

Times change and life goes on
As each day brings with it a brand new dawn.
The love I have for you
Will always be there just as true.

I think of the lovely times we had,
Times of togetherness that always made us glad.
Life was good because we had each other,
Day after day we spent with one another.

Then suddenly in a bolt of lightening came the end,
God took you away to be his very best friend.
I cried and cried as I still do today
My world stopped in a void of disarray.

I will never get over the fact you had to go,
The dropping of the curtain like the end of a show.
Dreams and memories will always be there,
Thoughts like those make me a millionaire.

So I will try to do things you would like me to,
Things that are special, just for you.
It will never be the same as long as I am here,
I will do the best I can but I will always shed that tear.

You are an angel so I've been told,
Your presence is with me when I am cold.
You are still in my heart as you will always be
My soulmate forever, my Rose Marie.





You are an Angel which you so rightly deserve! monkey



Sealed With A Tear!


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