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Today September 1, 2007 would have been (and still is) our anniversary. Two dates I always remembered, her birthday and our anniversary, for that was the happiest and very best thing to happen in my entire life and will never be exceeded.

Sadly I lost her on June 13, 2007, making that day the worst thing to happen in my entire life. The hurt, the grief, the constant emotions cannot be described. Most of my writing is not pre-planned, but just comes at the moment. In this case it comes from the heart.

"Rose, this poem is for you on our special day. And believe me, this will always be a special day."Rose_George


Life Changed

The days are long
The pleasures are few
All because
I'm not with you.

My heart is broken
And cannot be mended
The day you left
My world ended.

I will survive
For life goes on
It will be a difficult journey
Because you are gone.

I miss those many hugs
We shared throughout the day
The kisses and touches
That were given the same way.

Every day is a sad day
Because you are not here by my side,
The memories can only do so much
As I look back with so much pride.

Our love was ever lasting
We were dedicated just us two
You loved me with all your heart
Just as I did only you.

We had a lot of fun
In all those years together
You and I and everything
I always thought would last forever.

But that was not to be
For God came and took you away
Leaving me alone and on my own
Each and every day.

Now I have to struggle
Each and every day of my life
For I am all alone
Struggling without my wife.

I know you are always with me
Your spirt is always near
But that is never the same
That's why I often shed a tear.

Nothing can bring you back
I can't go to where you are
But I want everyone to remember
You are still my shining star.

People may think I am crazy
Always thinking only of you
Makes no matter anyway
Cause that's what I'm going to do.

My days are certainly numbered
Just as I found out yours were too
Someday I will be coming
On my journey back to you.

I don't wish to speed things up
Yet I really don't want to stay
Joining you once again my dear
Would really make my day.

So if you can see this little poem
It's purpose is quite clear
I will always love you constantly
And keep your memories near.

I will always love you forever
Were last words I to said to you
It's you and I always until the end of time
Even though temporarily apart there will never be adieu.




Sealed With A Tear!


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