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Are you superstitious? Just a little bit? Rose was to a degree but not fanatical about it. Myself, I tend to see things as they are, but give in at times and wonder just how much truth there can be to certain 'signs'.

With the exception of Incident #4, all of the things on this page happened weeks prior to Rose's passing. They happened to me. In order to eliminate needless worrying or any such reaction, Rose never knew about any of them. During this time period Rose was very sick, and undergoing cancer treatments.

I will let you decide whether you think each one was a sign, or just an occurance that stretches the mind to places unknown.


Incident #1 - A Picture Falls

Wooden Picture

These two pictures hang in a small room next to the computer room down stairs. Rose was upstairs sleeping, and I was in the computer room doing some online financial routines.

I heard this loud bang like something violently falling and turned quick enough towards the doorway of the small room to see the picture on the right had fallen and bounced quite high, several times, then came to rest face up on the hard surface floor. Notice the picture on the right is the female one.

There was no other noises other than the clicking of the computer keys, there was no vibration or anything that could have caused the picture to fall. I also noticed when I hung the picture back up that it had a very secure hanging device . This was roughly two weeks prior.

Is it true that a falling picture is a sign of death? Or is that just superstitious fantasy? You decide, because I am not sure.


Incident #2 - A Picture Falls And Breaks

Bully Pic

This is a picture that sits on a stand in the master bedroom. It used to have a glass front. Used to have for it fell one evening about one and a half weeks prior, smashing the glass into tiny slivers, and twisting the pictures about.

Rose was sitting on the living room sofa and I got up to turn down the bed clothes to make it easier for her once she decided it was bedtime. I was still in the hallway and had not yet entered the bedroom or even gotten near the picture.

Suddenly, the noise of breaking glass. At first I didn't know what it was until I observed the pieces of glass on the floor and the frame with the pictures in disarray. She had not heard the picture fall due to the TV's sound and I quickly arranged the pictures as shown, placed it back on the stand, cleaned up the glass and I don't think she ever noticed the missing glass.

One interesting thing about this picture, it is a picture of Sam, our dog who passed away a few years earlier, and Bullet, our cat who is still very much alive. Both were Rose's pride and joy in the animal world. She loved her pets to the fullest.

Does this enforce the thought that a falling picture is a sign of death? Or is that just superstitious fantasy? You decide, because I am not sure, but by now I was paying more attention than before.


Incident #3 - Bird Misses Window

Living Rm Window


It is said that if a bird hits the window of your house, it is a sign of death. Rose was very sick, and we were in our living room early one morning. In my own mind the thought floated in and out, "Someday I will be looking out that window all by myself". Little did I know it would be so soon.

Without warning there was a single crow flying at high speed directly towards the large living room window. I was sure it was going hit it - but it didn't. It swerved at the last possible moment, but I heard it clip the siding on the house. Whew, I thought, that was a close one.

This took place a couple of days priror to Rose's final day. Was this a final sign of what was ahead? Was this a preliminary warning? You decide, I just don't know.


Incident #4 - Can Cats Detect Cancer?

Rose and Bullet

It has been suggested by various sources that some animals, especially Siamese cats, can detect cancer in humans.

In this picture Rose is very sick with a lot of discomfort. For weeks Bullet, our cat, would sit on Rose's lap for exceptionally long periods of time. Often he would stretch up and place his front paws, one on each of her shoulders, with his nose close to her face. Crouched down, he would stay in that position for long periods of time, often to her discomfort. But she would never push him away no matter how long he wanted to be there.

Bullet would never let you get his picture in that position, but would retract to the position shown the minute the camera appeared.

Do you believe Siamese cats can detect cancer or sickness? Tell you one thing, he definitely knew something was terribly wrong.




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