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Christmas & the New Year 2010-2011


"I Will Always Love You Forever!"


Christmas & the New Year 2010-2011

Each year the holidays come and go
There's still something you ought to know.
Like you said, life goes on,
But is never the same since you are gone.

I'm doing okay
As I pass through each day,
New friends help me get by
As we comfort each other after you both said goodbye.

We smile and have fun,
As we head for the sun,
But we never forget
the life we had as a duet.

We are on a new track
And there's no looking back,
Except for the great memories we both had
Which makes us happy and sometimes sad.

One thing for sure we are certain to do,
That's to never forget and always think of you.
Together we go day by day,
And in our hearts both of you will always stay.

So as another year gets close to the end,
These wishes to you we will always send.
Though you were taken far, far away,
You're always with us, even today




You are an Angel looking down upon us, always guiding our way.monkey



Sealed With A Tear!



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