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Christmas & the New Year 2009-2010


"I Will Always Love You Forever!"


Christmas & the New Year 2009-2010


People often say time fixes everything.
Which is not true in life's little ring,
Get away from it all, you need a change,
But certain things are still out of range.


Here I am amongst beaches and palm trees,
With plenty of thoughts as I listen to the breeze.
Waves gently splash against the shore,
I am still reminded you are with me no more.


Its Christmas and New Year once again, and time for fun,
Families celebrating together, it's like a home run.
But that doesn't necessarily work for someone like me,
As I sit here thinking by the edge of the sea.


Life is a journey that has many bends,
Sure I have found some new dedicated friends,
But nothng is the same and I'll tell you the reason,
It applies this time of year and any other season.


The best part of life is now always the past,
The part that went by much too fast.
The bad times hard times good times and all,
The things that held us together and made us stand tall.


Life was so good it could never end
You were my wife their mother and my very best friend.
Then in a split second you were called away,
Suddenly there I was sitting alone in life's cafe.


So everyday throughout the year
As well as amongst all this good cheer,
My thoughts never change, and I wish to proclaim
One certain thing will always be the same:


You may have had to leave on that fateful day,
The Good Lord saw fit to take you away.
In any event the whole world knows
I am always thinking and loving - one special Rose





You are an Angel which you so rightly deserve! monkey



Sealed With A Tear!







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