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March 14, 2011 - I Wish I Could Teach

Dripping Rose

Two dates I always remembered and always will remember faithfully. Our anniversary and her birthday, March 14. She may be gone, but the memories will remain. - forever!

September 1, 1962 was the happiest day of my life.

June 13, 2007 was the saddest.








I Wish I Could Teach

Once again this is a special time of year,
A time in my mind that will never disappear.
As I stand at the edge of a beautiful beach,
There is one simple thing I wish I could teach.

I couldn't help thinking as the people strolled by
That some are happy and some probably want to cry.
Everybody's life goes its own special way
Yet they will all experience what I did some fateful day.

We often don't realize as the days come and go
How much we take for granted in the life we sow.
The fun things we do and the rough times we had
Really don't matter much, they are not so bad.

One thing for sure, we can't go back
Each day is sealed like in a blister pack.
Sometimes I wish I could let everyone know,
Enjoy life as it is because one day it will go.

Some days I am sad and don't know what to do,
For life is unpredictable as we pass through.
Other days are about as happy as they can be,
Considering there is always one absentee.

My memories are perfect as I think of you and I,
And I do that often as I stare at the sky.
And this day is special in a very important way,
For this is the day I get to say "Happy Birthday."





Sealed With A Tear!









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