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Anniversary 2012 - - - A Date WithYou

Dripping Rose


September 1, 1962 was the happiest day of my life.

June 13, 2007 was the saddest.

Life goes on


The days go by, but the memories are there every single one of them.




A Date With You

Again its the date I shall not forget,
No its not the day that we first met,
Its the day we decided that me and you,
Would get together stay together with I do.

Our life together was the best there is,
Even though it seemed to flash by in one big whizz.
Good days bad days we were always together,
Depending on each other like birds of a feather.

Even though I am going on you are in my heart,
My mind always tells me I am missing a part.
Some may think I have forgotten and not be quite clear,
That each and every day you are still always here.






Sealed With A Tear!









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