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Anniversary 2010 You Said Life Goes On

Dripping Rose


September 1, 1962 was the happiest day of my life.

June 13, 2007 was the saddest.

Life goes on

Rose_GeorgeAnd things change

But memories of a perfect world

Will never fade away.




You Said Life Goes On

You often told me life goes on,
And so it does like a floating swan.
Some days are short some days are long,
Sometimes they're right, sometimes they're wrong.

I've tried to move on and be happy too,
But quite often the days are simply blue.
This date I said I would never forget,
Each and every year it's firmly preset.

During our days together you made my life,
One could not have had a better wife.
We were best friends and soulmates too,
Cruising together always in a golden canoe.

Life has a birth date along with an expiry date,
Which can't be changed, not even with an armor plate.
Everything ended much too soon,
I was left shattered like an airless balloon.

But the one thing I have that gets me by,
I will always have until the day I die.
Our years shared together were worth more than gold,
A kind of happiness and wonder that can never be told.

So again I think back to Sept 1st, 1962
The day I became soley dedicated to you,
Our love for each other will always be
For ever and ever I will cherish my - Rose Marie.





Sealed With A Tear!









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