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Anniversary 2009 Not A Day Goes By That I Don't Hurt

Dripping Rose

Today September 1, 2008 is my second anniversary without her.

September 1, 1962 was the happiest day of my life.

June 13, 2007 was the saddest.

You end up alone

Rose_GeorgeTo face the unknown

The ones who said they'd stand behind you

Rarely ever do.





Another year has gone by
As I sit here with a sigh.
For September 1st is the date
I chose to marry my lifetime soul mate.

A lifetime can quickly pass
Like the sudden sound of breaking glass.
So many things we didn't do
And never can since I don't have you.

If you think any of those thoughts will go away,
Think again, they are here to stay.
Not a day goes by that I don't think
About how my life changed because of a missing link.

The good times we had were many
I am sure glad I didn't miss any.
We had planned a whole lot more,
But that wasn't to be, someone shut the door.

You may think memories fade away,
They don't, not now or any other day.
The years may come and the years may go
Not one experience ever leaves with them, that I know.

Many say time fixes everything,
For me time is like a bee sting.
There is just one thing I want to know,
Why did God say you have to go?

I often think you will be back,
Yet I know that's the wrong track.
I talk to you every day,
Hoping you will help me find my way.

I've said before this is one date I will always remember,
This very first day of the month of September.
For that is the day we came together as one,
Our esperience of excitement, saddness, wonderment and fun.

I will always love you forever
That will not change, not ever.
You are always in my heart, and always will be
Always and forever a part of me.





Sealed With A Tear!









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