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Anniversary 2008 Without Rose

Dripping Rose

Today September 1, 2008 is my second anniversary without her.

September 1, 1962 was the happiest day of my life.

June 13, 2007 was the saddest.









It's anniversary time again
The years come and go but not the pain.
My thoughts every day are still with you
Tears still fall and I am just as blue.

I still keep talking to you every day
Letting you know in my own special way
That we are still together every minute of every hour
Always held together by that special power.

People say get over it you gotta move on
I say its near impossible since you are gone.
They say give it time, time always heals
But there's no room in my book for those kinds of deals.

You were here for all the hard times,
The toil, labour, and difficult climbs.
Just when we were about to enjoy our golden years
My world exploded and became filled with tears.

For God came and took you away
Something I cannot understand to this very day.
I guess it was time for you to be his angel with wide wide wings
To be with His group and under his command, doing many special things.

No wonder I am so empty and lonely
For forty five years you were my one and only.
Forever and always that is one thing you will always be
That is one thing I can say proudly and will always guarantee.

You used to say life goes on
And so it does dawn after dawn.
Your spirit is with me your presence is known
Day after day I talk to you especially when I'm alone.

You told me to be kind and to feed your little cat
And many other things too, so I try to do that.
You sat beside me and said we had a good life,
I agreed 100% and that was because you were my wife.

As I continue down life's path all alone
I stop and ponder at each stepping stone.
We had such a wonderful time together
In a world of our own like birds of a feather.

Together we used to sit and watch TV
That's no good anymore with only me.
I don't feel like shopping or going to a store
It just reminds me of your favourites and hurts even more.

I have so many things upon my mind
Things we worked for, things we enjoyed of every kind.
It wasn't always easy that is so true,
But even hard times were enjoyable just being with you.

So as another year passes just let me say
You will always be with me each and every day.
There's one thing I will always say and it applies only to you
I will always love you forever, - it was confirmed on Sept. 1st, 1962!





Sealed With A Tear!









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