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Wireless Keyboard Trackball Distance

Will wireless keyboards, a mouse or trackball work farther away from your computer than 6 ft?

The Logitech Cordless Trackball does. In fact my computer is on one level and the main TV on another. I can feed a slide show from the computer to the TV and control it with the Logitech Trackball perfectly. It is important to note that Logitech uses a radio signal, and it goes through the walls and floors perfectly. Distance would be about 15 - 20 ft through the floor.


The Logitech Elite Duo will also work over a range of more than 6ft. I have used it in a classroom setting, with the computer located in a back room. The keyboard is used on a podium located 20ft or more from the computer. The receiver had to be suspended about three feet above the computer on the wall. The keyboard works fine, including all the programmable functions that this fine product has. Great projector control for powerpoint presentations

Logitech Warranty Service

The above keyboard decided not to work after less than a year of use, meaning it was still under warranty. After contacting them by email and going through every step listed on their web site, I was told to contact them by phone. Instructions stated to be by the computer/keyboard which meant I had to call them on the cell phone - at my expense to California.

The usual sequence of press this press that and a wait on hold finally got me to a technician, who led me through all the stuff I did before step by step. (I followed their instructions, remember?) Finally after determining it wasn't working and was defective, the tech said they would send me a new one right away. No need to return the old one. Well, I thought that was mighty decent of them. He said the keyboard would arrive within 7 to 10 days and if it didn't I should call and find out why. Total length of call 20 minutes.

Well this order was placed on March 31, 2004. I have called twice, each time going through push this push that and put in your order number, and receive the same message: "We confirm your order of March 31, unfortunately we are temporarily out of stock. Your order will be shipped as soon as stock is available." This is May 15 folks, I think that is just a bit too much waiting, since numerous Logitech keyboards are available locally in stores.

May 28,2004 Update. Well the automated phone service now says the order is being processed and should be shipped the next two or three business days. Really? That's progress.

June 2, 2004 - Well it was a long wait but Logitech wins. The new keyboard arrived by Courier. The replacement works as it is supposed to and carries a 5 year warranty. The best part: The replacement is their top of the line model, better than the original. It was a long wait, perhaps a little over long, but Logitech you are back to to number 1 in my books. I am glad of that, for I have quite a few Logitech products, and because of satisfaction with this episode I will probably have more.

Mouse & Trackball at the same time?

You probably have heard some people say a trackball is better than a mouse. Well there are advantages to each. Have the best of both worlds. I am not sure of other brands, but you can run a Logitech Trackball and Logitech optical mouse at the same time. Just grab whichever one suits your fancy. They both run off the same mouse software, and there is a drop down list in the mouse settings to adjust either. Just plug one into the PS2 port and the other into the USB connection.

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