Media Players

VLC Media Player


How many times have you clicked on a media file and waited patiently for an associated program to start up and allow you to see a video clip?

Well here is the neat little program that's been around for years that does about all of them. VideoLAN or VLC for short is one program many people like and recommend. The price is right (free, but you can give a donation if you like) and it will play about any kind of media file you can come across.

It has enough features to satisfy anyone for normal quick viewing and more. It will play in a resizeable box or full screen whichever you prefer, and the quality is number one. It will play most formats with ease.

It also does an equally fine job on various audio files. It starts quickly, almost instantly if you set the associations to that program. VLC is highly recommended by many sources, and I bet if you try it out you will consider it a keeper.



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