Make Portable USB Drives Function On Networked Computers




USB Thumb Drives On Novell Computers

I have received many complaints that these portable USB drives are not picked up by Windows XP on work computers, especially those that are usually on a company network.

The reason: Most often the USB plug in device wants to be Drive F. Most company networks, including Novell, already have a Drive F. Therefore XP will show ‘new hardware device', but you will not see a drive letter for it.

The solution: Change the driver letter for the USB device to an unused drive letter, for example ‘W'. Here is the procedure:

1. Plug in your USB device.

2. Start you computer without the network. (For Novell systems, make sure “Workstation Only” is checked.

3. Open My Computer – verify the USB drive is visible. (Usually shown as removable drive: F)

4. Open Control Panel.

5. Open Administrative Tools.











6. Open Computer Management.












7. Open Storage











8.Open Disk Management











9. Scroll down until you see your USB Removable Drive.

10. Right Click on it, select Change Drive Letter.

11. Change Drive Letter to ‘W' (or any other unused Drive Letter of your choice.)

12. Close everything out by clicking the X's.

13. Restart your computer or Log Off/On.

14 Your USB drive should now show up as Drive W (or the letter you selected).

From now on your USB drive should show up as Drive W whenever you plug it in on that machine.

If you want the drive letter to be the same on every machine that you use you USB drive on, you will have to repeat this process on each computer.

This process can also be used for USB card readers and like devices.

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