Why I Don't Do Shipping

I've been known to put an ad or two on Kijiji, Facebook or other online sites selling items that are no longer of any use to me, but could be for someone else. For the most part this has been highly successful.

The price I put on things is quite reasonable. I try to figure out a price that makes it worthwhile for me to go through the process, and at the same time give the buyer an excellent value for money spent. That means in most cases, prices are firm and cannot be negotiated.

Since these buy/sell sites quite vast in the areas covered, but often city specific, sometimes I get emails asking if I would be willing to ship items to certain areas that are a long ways away, which often means from coast to coast. Requests for shipping are usually for items in the $10. to $25. range. Most often my answer is no, it is not worth going through the hassle of shipping for such a low cost item.

Unless there are unusual circumstances I will not ship any items. You must arrange to have them picked up if interested.

Follow up emails will ask why, since they are willing to pay for reasonable shipping and related costs.

Here's why:

* To ship an item I have to go buy something to pack it in. Box, protective material such as bubble wrap, paper and so on. I would never ship enough stuff to make it worthwhile to have this stuff on hand. So that is one trip, eating up time and gas.

* Then I would have to come home and wrap and pack the thing. My wrapping skills are about the same as a gopher trying to dig a hole in concrete.

* If I got it successfully wrapped, then I would have to make a second trip to the post office or courier to get it weighed, fill out the paper work and send it on its way. More time, more gas, not to mention frustration.

So in a round about way allowing for time involved, shipping a $10. item would cost me in the vicinity of $40. to $60. Most buyers would feel slighted at paying $50. or $60. for a $10. used item.

So that is the reason why I don't ship, even if you do want to pay me by paypal or transfer first.


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