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How often have you wanted to help someone with their computer, or show them how to do something? You can do that with what is already built into Windows XP and Vista.

There are numerous programs you can buy or get for free that allows remote connections. Many have more options and special activities that can be accomplished by using these software programs. The trouble with these is that both computers need identical software installed, or at least a server program on one and a viewer program on the other. If the person you are trying to help is not experienced in installing and setting up such a program, the process can become difficult. And if it is only a one or two time connection, would it be really economical to purchase a dedicated program and go through the entire setup process?

So what we are talking about here is the procedure of remote assistance using what is already built into your Windows XP or Vista program. Note: You must have Windows Live Messenger installed and operational to use XP/Vista Remote Assistance.

Remote Assistance Settings

The first thing that must be done is set each of the computers to accept Remote Assistance calls. This should be done on both computers.

The pictures below are from Windows XP. Windows 7 uses the same keys and the windows and menus are similar.

Press Win Key + Pause - Click on the Remote tab to bring up this window.

Remote Assistance Activate






These two boxes should be checked for easy operation.

If you have Windows Home you will only have the top box labeled #1. Then you would have to complete the settings by clicking on the Advanced button.








Advanced Button



Pressing the Advanced button brings up this box. It should be checked as shown.

If you desire to limit the amount of time your computer can be controlled by remote, simply select a time from the drop down list in the bottom section.




Close the boxes by clicking OK. Your computer should now be set up to conduct remote assistance.




Remote Assistance Connection

This section will be re-written in the future to describe remote assistance using

TeamViewer, which is much more simple than using built in Windows features. In the

meantime you may wish to check their site which has easy detailed tutorials.


Pressing Esc will instantly cancel remote control any time, should you feel the person is not doing what you wish to your computer.

Remote Assistance Settings - Vista

Pressing Win Key + Pause will bring up a window with one of the items being Remote Assistance.

Just follow the steps and it will be almost the same as XP except Vista will require you to use passwords. Remaing steps for using Messenger to connect are the same.

Remote Assistance Communication

It is very awkward to communicate by typed message when using remote assistance. It works, but takes away from the operation.

It is much better, and recommended to use a headset and call/talk by voice to each other. This way you have voice contact to explain or ask questions about the actions you are doing.

We recommend using Skype for the voice communication. A headset is highly recommended. By using Skype, it is a separate independant program and your communications line is always kept open.

This also allows you to talk each other through the setup procedure to ensure you both have the correct settings.

(March, 2013)




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