Refill Ink Cartridge

Use A Glue Gun To Seal Ink Cartridges

Follow the directions for your brand of cartridge. Plastic gloves are included for a reason.

If you have tried refilling your own cartridges, you know how difficult it is to drill the hole with that dinky included drill, and you have to get that little rubber plug in quickly and accurately, or you will have ink all over the place from your elbows to your toes.

Refill Ink Cartridges Using A Glue Gun
1. Drill a tiny hole in the proper area of the empty cartridge. Have glue gun hot & ready.
2. Inject the ink into the cartridge as per directions.  
3. Use glue gun and cover the hole lightly with hot glue. Use just enough to barely cover the hole.
Presto, instant seal and no mess. Be careful not to touch the cartridge itself with the glue gun..

Perfect seal in a couple seconds, and it comes off easily for the next refill. Try it - It Works!







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