Special Folders

Special Folders

This is a set of special folders you can add to your computer for quick access to adjustments and features of your Windows computer.

Some folders only work with Windows 7.

Click here to download a zip file of a variety of folders useful to advanced users.

Unzip the downloaded file "Special Folders.zip" to your computer in My Documents, or the folder of your choice.

You will have a new folder called Special Folders.

Inside Special Folders Right Click on any of the items and select 'Open'.

This will give direct access to the adjustments of the area selected.

Desktop Shortcuts

You can also make each of these a desktop shortcut for quick access to adjustment areas.

1) Just Right Click on the desktop, select New>Shortcut.

2) Use the line from the Special Folder file for the shortcut location/title, Click Next, give it the name you want, (using the name from the beginning of the line is a good idea), follow through and you have a shortcut to the new adjustment area.

Much quicker than clicking through the entire Start menu sequence.

Monster Control Panel is particularly popular and useful. (But be careful, there are a lot of adjustments - don't change them if you don't know what you are doing.)




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