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How To Take A ScreenShot - The Easy Way

Easy ScreenShot - Many of us need to take a screen shot now and then for a variety of purposes. Sometimes we just want to remember temporarily what is on the screen, other times to save as a gif or jpg, and sometimes we crop it to only show exactly what we want.

Most of the time we also use a specialized program to get that screen shot, adjust it to what we want and save the file. Popular programs would include the paid version, Snagit, or one of the free versions such as MWSnap.

These programs of course do a lot more, allowing various picture adjustments, cropping, adding text, arrows and more to fit your needs.

But sometimes you just need a quick screen shot with no frills. Even if you do need the frills you can still do them.

For example if you just hit the <Print Screen> key and then open Windows Paint, or a program like Paint.Net, then hit Ctrl V or Paste, there's your screen shot right before you. All you have to do is save it or manipulate it if that is required.

Note 1: Some later versions of Windows automatically saves the screen shot under Pictures>Screenshots.

Note 2: On many laptop/notebook computers the key sequence for screen shots is:

Fn+Win+PrnScrn (Function Key plus Windows Key plus PrintScreen at the same time.)





This shot has been downsized for illustration purposes.

The original would be shown full screen.


Screenshot cropped


If I only need a portion of it, I just crop to fit, using your favourite picture program.




You can use any photo type program to use this technique. Specialized programs are often needed for doing complex things that we have to do. But when you just need a quick screen shot this is a fast method to the end. The print screen key just saves it to the clipboard and then you paste it into your program. Practise and experiment a bit and you will see how easy it is.


Tip: Alt + Print Screen will capture only the active window.


You may already know this procedure, but if you weren't aware of it, it sure comes in handy sometimes.


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