Remote Desktop Connection


Remote Desktop Connection

How To Connect To A Remote Desktop - You have more than one computer in your household, and they may even be located on different levels, such as one upstairs and one downstairs.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to turn that other computer on and access its files without physically going to it. Or it is late at night, and you want to turn that other computer off before you go to bed. No need for that extra trip up or down stairs, you can do it right from the computer you are using.

You can boot, reboot, shutdown, and use that other computer right from the one you are sitting at, just as if you were actually sitting right in front of its keyboard and monitor.

Things You Need For Remote Desktop Connection

This is my way of doing remote desktop connection. You may want to modify some aspects of it to suit your individual preferences. These ideas will get you started and show how easy it can be and will provide a lot of convenience.

Set Up Your Computers For Remote Desktop Connection

You will need to set up each and every computer you want to connect to. The following instructions will guide you through the entire remote desktop connection process.

Step 1 - Settings that must be done for every computer you want to remotely connect to.

Step 2 - Wake On Lan (WOL) settings. Must be done for every computer you want to boot or shutdown remotely.

Step 3 - Remote Desktop Connection, Making the connection happen.

Step 4 - Network Scanner, Why did you say get this? What has this got to do with Remote Desktop Connections?

Windows 7 Remote Desktop Connection

Please note: Windows 7 Home Premium does not have full remote desktop capability. It can accept remote connections, but cannot initiate (connect) to remote computers.

Quote from Microsoft site:

7 remote

Alternative: Use Teamviewer

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